Most often, when people check into the luxurious homestay, they expect hotel standards included, so we decided to acquaint you with the standard rules of living in the hostel, so to say, for beginners.

Rule # 1 – always take along spare shoes

Mostly, in the hostels you will be kindly requested to take off the shoes at the entrance. To avoid a bad mood, just bring slippers with you, as you may need them also in the shower.

Rule # 2 – Prepare your suitcase for the check-out from the evening

By switching the light on and off at 5 am, looking for a passport or a toothbrush, packing repeatedly the bag or backpack at such an early time you will never make friends in Bluemontstay Homestay. Therefore, save your nerves and nerves of your future neighbours – prepare your stuff in the evening.

Rule # 3 – DO NOT pee in the public shower

It’s horrible, rude and not nice at all. Usually, there are public semi-detached showers in the hostels. The people standing nearby will not be pleased to watch how you relieve yourself in the shower. That’s why there are separate showers in the city- center Bluemontstay Homestay, and no one can see you and what you are doing. But it doesn`t mean that you can do such bad things in our place, because we always care for not only moral, but also for health issues.

Rule # 4 – the bounds of decency

Never walk in your underwear in the hostel or in the shared room. Not everyone is particularly interested what kind of pans or pajamas you prefer. To prevent it, the hostel has showers or toilets, where there is enough space to change.

Rule # 5 – Respect others

Most often in hostels people believe that if they don`t want to sleep, the others don`t want to sleep as well. Be ready for it and stock up on earplugs.

Rule # 6 – Stop eating the other`s food

The hostel has shared shower and toilet, living room and lounge zone, but not food. But there will be always a person in the hostels who will eat your products. There are several ways to keep your food:

– store non-perishable foods in your room;

– buy products for one meal;

– don`t bring food to the hostel.

Rule # 7 – If you got sick, spend a little more money for a private room

It’s better for your vacation as well as for the health of others. You will get rid of a sore throat and a cold much faster if you rest properly. At the same time, nobody in the hostel will remark you on your handkerchiefs or cough that does not let the others sleep at night.

Rule # 8 – Be kind to service staff

These people have to deal with unattractive and various things the whole day, so that to make their lives easier – take away food from the fridge when you leave the hostel, wash your dishes, do not leave a bunch of hair in the shower as well as a wet towel.

Rule # 9 – Volume Down

Do you think you are doing a favour to your roommates in a hostel when listening to the music with earphones before falling asleep? It’s true – you’re doing a huge favour for us. But it does not mean that the music is playing softly, as people can be bothered even by the echoes of some motives that resembles a simple noise.

Rule # 10 – Tidy up after yourself

Leaving your shoes in the corridor of the hostel, where the people are passing by, is stupid. Leaving around you a pile of leftovers, dirty socks and things is rude. Therefore, we are asking to clean up after yourself, so that it would be nice to stay in Bluemontstay Homestay in Kiev not only for you, but also for many other tourists.


What about some tips for survive in a hostel?

Survival Tip # 1 – Always wear flip flops in the shower.

Survival Tip # 2 – Be in time for a hot shower. If the hostel is overloaded, be prepared that you will not manage to take a hot shower. Therefore, do not be lazy and get up an hour before, then you will be able to catch the hot water.

Survival Tip # 3 – Always schedule your time. Not to miss your flight or tour, have a spare couple of hours.

Survival Tip number 4 – Be social. Your trip will be much better if you talk to people. You’ll get suggestions on where to go, how to get there and you can even get invited to some events that you never heard about.

We hope that these tips will help to make your stay at the Bluemontstay Homestay much more interesting and enjoyable!

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  • Adam Brown
    Posted December 26, 2016 3:53 pm 0Likes

    My stay was great. I felt welcome and could relax for the time I was there. Thanks!

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