Have you always wanted to run away from the “madness” of home or maybe just want to be on your own and live life the way you wanted to?


Hostel life is meant to be a lot of fun and you live it the right way, you will cherish those memories for a lifetime. Having lived all my life at home, moving to a hostel taught me lessons in life that books can’t teach you.


The good – Hostels are often like families where each one knows the other like the back of their hand. It’s a huge group of young energetic youth waiting to discover the joys of freedom knowing fully well they aren’t accountable for their actions(not right away at least). Eating meals with friends, always having the company you want considering you have a battalion to choose from.


The combined studies! I owe half my marks to roommates and friends. Every hosteler irrespective of his or her experience will remember the combined study sessions or at least the good times spent in the name of study! I’ve had friends get high, eat, sleep, talk, scream, yell, and go for long walks in the middle of the night either to unwind or simply because we gave up on the hopes of passing and still managed pretty decent grades. The good thing about hostels is that you have to live with all kinds of people and if you learn to make the right choices, you will be respected for who you are and will share bonds that will last a lifetime. Loud music, hearty laughs, heated arguments followed by endless bonding are part of just another average day in the life of a hosteler.


The bad– Living in hostels will teach you and if you don’t heed then it will force you to learn, one way or another. Ever wondered what a hosteler always has to worry about?? The most obvious answer is money but then a student in a hostel or home needs to keep a tab on his expenses. The one thing that I’ve found most hostelers struggle with is laundry! Having stayed in the comforts of home for two decades I had never once stopped to even think how my clothes were always so neatly pressed and arranged in my cupboards. It was only a week after hostel life that I realized that when I left home for the hostel I left behind a few comforts too! Bed coffee became a far-fetched dream, If you didn’t wake up on time, you stayed hungry till lunch,  and if lunch tasted bad you couldn’t throw a tantrum like you would at home. You either ate or simply waited until the next meal.


Alarm clocks always annoy most of us because they remind us of examinations and deadlines, but at the hostel, you don’t have the comfort of being woken up by your parents with a coffee or a kiss. On a good day you can expect waking up to screams that started the day off with the words “Oh Shit”, a curse, a pillow thrown at you or in my case a friend who overslept more than I did!! And just in case you were wondering. He was woken up in a typical hostel fashion!


The Ugly – The only thing I would tell a first-time hosteler is to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected. You can prepare yourself for ragging and actually have a lot of fun because ragging in its limits is a great way to get to know your soon to be family for a few years. The one thing you can never be prepared for though are the toilets! Having gotten used to the comforts of a clean pot, the sight of hostel toilets, the bathrooms, and wash areas can simply be traumatizing.  Missing tees or an absconding  pair of jeans are a regular feature .. well most of the time they are returned but by the time they are back you either don’t want to wear them or simply don’t recognize them anymore

If you expect to have a lot of fun at the hostel you will. If you expect to learn, make friends, laugh and cry and spend hours, in the end, discussing something not very important you definitely will find hostel much to your liking and if you expect to find dirty laundry, and filthy toilets. Well, they simply will surpass all expectations.

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