For today’s luxury apartments the amenities they come with and the convenience they offer their exclusive residents are as important as their prime locations.
The concept of Luxurious stay options is gaining popularity nowadays not only among young youth but also among working professionals who look out for convenience options along with Luxurious stays. Luxury stays are designed and planned in a manner, which caters to the needs of hotel like amenities for the Premium sector of the society comprising the students, travelers & working professionals. They provide you with Premium room furnishing along with well furnished and ventilated rooms.
The concept of Luxury apartments is gaining popularity among individuals residing in Pune and is becoming a strong segment in the Hospitality Sector.Nowadays vast number of population prefers a luxurious living having all the facilities around them making their stay quite comfortable.
In order to cater to the growing needs and demands of the new generation of our society, Bluemont Stay, has been exclusively designed for students, travelers and working professionals. Bluemont Stay is a modern ground-breaking concept experienced never before, which is strategically planned to make living excitingly social, vibrant and enjoyable. The architecture is modern, youthful and aesthetically designed. The interiors are bright, colorful, spacious and airy, providing well furnished and ventilated rooms making the stay a memorable and enjoyable one.

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