You always have to stay for the nighttime. A huge hurdle while backpacking is, to secure a base that gives you a comfortable space for relaxation and at the same time keeps you in high spirits for the remaining tour. “I agree that there are funds hotels, resorts and lodging available but all or most of them generally cater to the first of the two requirements.” Their inability to provide a wholesome lodging experience has given rise to the concept of backpacker’s apartment and this idea has gained significant friction in many parts of India. Bluemont Stay is one such one-size-fits-all kind of backpacker’s apartment chain in Pune. Whether you are in your teens going to explore the first chapter of life traveling to enjoy the thrills of life Bluemont Stay perfectly gratifies your specifications. Bluemont Stay takes care of your basic needs of safety, comfort, and hygiene in an effective manner and at a very affordable price. It is true that you might not get privacy but why do you want it in the first place when you are going to experience the world and socialize with others. As compared to the closed and isolated rooms of a hotel, in Bluemont Stay you will get to share dorms with strangers from other corners of the India who will soon become your friends over the course of your stay at Bluemont Stay. How do you then increase your newly formed friendship with the other travelers? Bluemont Stay facilitates this too with its embedded culture of shared fun. In contradiction to the wide and boring lobby of a hotel, Bluemont Stay has active community rooms with facilities like TV, free wifi, music player, common play area, private room, 2sharing dorms, and 3sharing dorms. Bluemont Stay believes in the philosophy of ‘Good Food, Good Health’ so we also let you eat the most delicious food during your stay at Bluemont Stay almost for free. How is it possible? Of course, it is when you prepare the food for yourself in the Bluemont Stay community Kitchen and we have constant faith in your culinary skills. Beyond all the things mentioned above, in Bluemont Stay you find a sense of belongingness. You’ll get a feeling of home away from home with its share of joy, joviality, and relaxation. Apart from experiencing the world, experiencing youthfulness at Bluemont Stay gives you another solid reason to explore. So start feeling alive, come to Bluemont Stay, live your life.

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