When you are migrating to a big city looking for education facilities, job opportunities, and better living conditions, the first thing you do is find a place to stay. And there is nothing simple and easy than to find a PG accommodation.

A PG Accommodation or a Paying guest is a fully-furnished room in a flat or a home with basic amenities such as food, WI-FI, TV, Attached Toilets, etc. In Pune, Paying Guest Business is a boom since they provide home for many IT employees and many students in Pune.

The Main Advantage of Staying in PG Accommodations over a house is, in Pune, the House Rents are very High! Plus If you need to rent a house, you will have to pay a couple of months of rent as a security deposit and also bear the electricity/ water bill Charges. And you have to cook food for yourself! For working professionals and students, it may be hard to meet these expenses. But in a Paying Guest (PG), you just have to pay one month’s rent in advance and you can move in with your baggage. All the water, electricity and other bills will be taken care of by the owner of the PG. So staying in PG is a better option over a House or Rental Room.

The Average Cost for a PG Accommodation in Pune ranges from Rs 3000/- to Rs 20,000/-, depending upon the location of the PG, facilities provided, Sharing and many other factors.

Pune has the highest number of software companies in India, as a result, many people from different parts of India come here to work. And Finding a PG for them in Pune is a big task.

However, with the ever-increasing demand for PG accommodation, the availability, quality, and rental rates have become an underlying issue for the new age India.

Bluemont Stay have become a safe-haven for bachelors, who are always searching for affordable rooms with flexible rental agreements.

Here we put forward tried and tested things to consider before choosing a PG:

Budget: Choosing a PG with a rate that suits your budget is very crucial. List out your monthly spendings- food, transport, entertainment, etc and then decide the rate which will put in a comfortable spot after the end of the month.

Facilities: Proximity to facilities like hospitals, medical stores, bus stand, grocery stores, entertainment zones, etc should be kept in mind. Most importantly-restaurants, you will be needing it the most.

Amenities: The PG should provide basic amenities like mess food, water and electricity supply, and the second-to-oxygen for Bachelors- Internet connectivity.

Guest Policy: Check out the guest policy offered by the PG owner to avoid conflicts in the future. Some PGs do not allow friends and family members for overnight stays.

Best thing About PG: Your roommates become your new home in a new city, providing you with support and a reason to party every day!

Worst Thing: Not finding compatible roommates.

In Bluemont Stay, we strive to provide the best rooms and dorms as per your requirements.

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