Sharing a dorm in a Bluemont Stay? Getting a decent night’s sleep in a dormitory can be difficult, however, if you’re ready for it and know what to expect, it’s possible to sleep well enough. Here’s how to make sure you get some solid rest. Below are Our five top tips for how to sleep in dorms

1. Tool up
What do you do when you’re trying to get some sleep on an overnight flight? You grab the amenity kit and break out the earplugs and eye-mask. Do the same in the dorm. Investing in a pair of good, comfy earplugs is extremely worthy if you are sensitive to noises when trying to sleep off and are going to be spending a lot of time sleeping in dorms. If you don’t find a comfortable pair, it’s worth experimenting with some before deciding on one. The same could be said of a sleeping mask if you’re sensitive to light.

2. Tell people you’re going to sleep
Saying goodnight, or just that you’re going to go to sleep to another person in the dormitory can make them aware of you and, if they’re considerate, more likely to be quiet in the room. Be careful, though, this could turn a little passive aggressive!

3.Turn off the light when you’re going to sleep
But leave sufficient light (from a small lamp in the room or a corridor) so that if other people come in late, they don not need to turn on the main light to be able to see what they need to do. The fact is that if the room is dark it will make most people come in quietly and be aware that people are sleeping, and hopefully quite considerate.

4. Make the place your own
Some people can sleep pretty much anywhere with a mattress, but if you’re a bit of an
insomniac you might find a few home comforts help. Do what you can to make your sleeping
space feel familiar – line books up against the wall, tie beads or scarves around the bed-frame. Again, whatever works.
You can put up photos too, but be careful of using nail; you don’t want to leave marks on the dorm walls.

5. Be persuasive
Hostel dorms are shared spaces, and shared spaces mean negotiation. Act as you wish others to act. If you need to get up early in the morning to leave the hostel and your roommates are sleeping, don not start packing all your things in to noisy plastic bags if someone else doing this at 6 am would warrant you hating them forever. Make friends with your fellow roommates and try to be accommodating to them – you might find that in turn, they’re willing to give you some peace if you ask nicely (or firmly). Just don’t steam in with a bunch of demands as soon as you arrive!

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