Today we live in fast passed society where businesses and opportunities are diversified over multiple locations. So, it’s not uncommon among youth to relocate and migrate to different cities for greater opportunities and hope for a better livelihood. Millions of people undertake this relocation effort to various big metro and cosmopolitan cities all across India each year and this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Pune is one such city where lacks of youth Migrate to year after year and for good reason. The city promises a better means of livelihood and an improved lifestyle for aspiring young individuals. The local culture is cosmopolitan which is a welcome sign for newcomers to the city.

Regardless of how respecting another city may be migrating is constantly an overwhelming errand and has its own difficulties. Almost every newcomer is faced with this uphill task of finding appropriate accommodation which is affordable and which also promises safety and security among other important factors.

PG have cropped all across the city to cash in on this opportunity by coming to the rescue of such individuals who are looking for affordable and safe accommodation. The vast variety of choice makes it confusing for people to choose the right PG accommodation so hence we have taken the effort to list down the top factors you should consider with the goal that it might explain your issue of “How to locate the perfect PG in Pune”

First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight, if you are really looking for a PG, (where you get to stay with a family in an allotted room) then you should specifically state your requirement as hostels are also referred to as PG accommodation in Pune.


The Primary factor would obviously be the location because I’m certain you don’t want to be spending a lot of time in the traffic congestion of the daily commute by traveling UP and DOWN on a regular basis from your office to your PG location, and not to forget this will also make a huge hole your Purse/Wallet thanks to the hefty transportation costs. So hence Suitable location is Important to avoid wastage of your precious time and hard-earned money.


As I mentioned before Transportation is an expensive affair and Pune is no exception to it. But let’s get real it cannot be completely avoided as the geographic layout of the city which secludes Industrial and IT parks to specific Special Economic Zones and PG accommodations are usually in separate areas/colonies hence some form of transport is inevitable. The best alternative here is settle on Public Transport Facilities. Thankfully Pune has a very good Public Transport system in the form of BUS’s, CAB’S. Therefore, while looking for a PG in Pune it is wise to find accommodation in a well-connected area.


Check and Scan the encompassing region for shops, drug store, emergency clinics, and cafés as we are really sure that you would prefer not to end up in a segregated region where the closest amenities are a couple of KM’s away from your PG accommodation vicinity


It is important to be clear on matters regarding money with the PG Owners and do not hesitate to negotiate the deal as a lot of owners have a tendency of overcharging outstation individuals. It is additionally imperative to explain the different leave choices and the refundability of the store paid.


A lot of times PG owners try to lure in individuals by promising a lot for very less money. It is important to stay vary of such PG Owners and hence it is important for you to closely clarify and examine all the amenities closely before you strike a deal. Enquire about the Water and Electricity cost to check whether it is inclusive or exclusive of the monthly rent. Some PG’s don’t serve non-veggie lover nourishment while some offer both. If you need the suppers at indicated timing, at that point you should make reference to it to the house proprietor.


Make sure you are clear on the restrictions imposed by the PG owners as most of them have curfew’s for entry.


Guarantee that the PG has fundamental security and furthermore that the individuals in the family are not too bad. Do not hesitate to contact the Police if you are subjected to any form of harassment.


This is actually one factor which a lot of individuals overlook due to cost constraints. A lot of PG’s has a reputation for Poor Hygiene and hence tend to harbour a lot of Germs and Diseases. Please do not take a risk with such places as Health is more important than saving on a few Hundred.

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