Living in Pune alone could be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t earn outstanding salaries per month. That’s why many individuals are considering the concept of accommodation sharing popularly known as PG or Paying guest, which is a practical method to reduce monthly costs. Living in a common accommodation has some disadvantages and benefits that we recommend you believe about before you make your ultimate choice.

Main Advantages of Paying Guest PG or shared accommodation

One of the positive aspects of living in a paying guest is that by dividing your rent by the number of people you live with, you can reduce your living costs.

You are also going to part with less for utility charges like government tax, Water and Electricity and maintenance charges with reasonably home-cooked food as you are going to exchange them with your flatmates or co occupants.

Despite everyone living in shared accommodation, most of them are bachelors, professionals, and practitioners who have just begun a fresh Job or career in a Pune. Young individuals discover living with colleagues and other young occupants more comfortably as they can communicate their family duties and obligations with them, which will be a true challenge if they have to do these tasks all by themselves.

One you will always have someone by next to you to express your concerns including pleasant times when you reside with other individuals, so you’ll never experience being depressed and alone. You can enjoy meals together, enjoy humorous movies, or just lie down and speak all evening. Friends are made here!!

You can extend your group of buddies by finding fresh individuals who are already your roommates in the PG. It’s an excellent chance for individuals from distinct cultures to get to understand better. This will give you an understanding of the distinct societies and practices around the globe that will enhance your own knowledge of various cultures.

What are the main disadvantages of living in a PG or shared accommodation?

The first item we should note is the sometimes a certain lack of privacy if you reside alone. Sometimes one desires to be alone and home is generally the only location where in the times you need to remain alone. If there’s someone who’s around you at times you want to be alone, it might be really irritating.

In an individual flat or room, frequent ownership of certain facilities such as the dining space, kitchen, toilet, and dressing space is available. For this purpose, it is highly essential to adapt to the requirements and wishes of everyone to maintain the nice harmony in shared accommodation. It can be really difficult sometimes, however, as individuals are distinct sometimes it becomes difficult to adjust according to others choice while living in a PG.

Another disadvantage of staying in a shared Paying Guest in Pune is that every moment you want to have a group of friends around or host a dinner party etc, you’ll need to ask permission of the landlord and your flatmate for approval. This is because at that moment he or she may need some privacy and there are time restrictions on when can you come back in the evening to your PG accommodation.  Therefore, the benefits weigh over the disadvantages of shared accommodation. If you are looking for Paying guest in Hinjewadi, search for “Bluemont Stay Paying Guest in Hinjewadi “

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