While moving to a different city for further studies or to work, the first problem we face in a big city is finding accommodation. PG or paying guest accommodation is a big relief for students and working youngsters nowadays.

But, before packing your bags and moving into a PG, you need to consider a lot of things. A new city and a new place where everyone is a stranger to you is enough reason to be cautious. To help you put your first step into a new world, we have mentioned some things you should keep in mind before moving into a PG.

  1. Rent and security deposit.

Before moving into a PG, you do need to figure out the rent and security deposit, check if it is in your budget. See, what are things included in the rent, as some PGs charge extra for food and some other basic amenities.

Do all the necessary documentation, such as rent agreement and police verification. In case your landlord tries to throw you out without giving you a one-month prior notice or refusing to return your security deposit. These documents will help take legal action against your landlord.

  1. Taste and quality of food.

While living away from home, food is the main concern. Some PGs often serve cold and tasteless food, which tenants end up ignoring.

Ask around, talk to people who are already living there. See if the taste and quality of food are good or not so that you won’t end up eating Maggi noodles every day.

  1. Location and security.

While living in a new city, security is the main concern for many of us, specifically for females. The location and security matter a lot while choosing a girls PG.

You don’t want to end up in a place, which is in the bad part of the city and doesn’t have a nearby metro station or any other transportation service. That is why you should keep the locality and security factor of a PG in your mind.

  1. The ambiance of the PG.

If you are living in a place, you want to be comfortable, elegant, and hygienic. The ambiance of a place is very important because it is a place where you are going to spend most of your time in a day.

Paying guest accommodations often have restrictions, especially girls PG, which you may find irritating, but are for your good. Although too much restriction is never right. Therefore, look for a PG, which has a welcoming and healthy environment.

PG’s validation.

There a lot of PG’s in the big city, who do not have proper documentation or licensing, be aware of these kinds of PGs. Verify their documents before residing.

There are many instances, where police have raided such PGs, who do not have proper licensing. Many tenants have ended up in the streets with no place to go after police shut down the PG. To ignore such instances, you need to be careful about, where you have decided to live.

Consider the following things before moving into a PG, as stepping into adult life is exhausting at first, especially in a new city. Your parents won’t be around to do your work for you. That is why you need to use your intelligence so that you won’t end up calling your parents about every little problem you face.

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