Paying Guest Accommodations are becoming costly day by day due to increasing demand. Living in a costly accommodation in the already costly city of Pune doesn’t seem a feasible option for many. So, how to decide on a budget which can be a big change in your overall expenditure.

Sharing Basis

Can you adjust to roommates? If yes, then you should consider PG in Pune which is available on a sharing basis. Are you looking for PG in Hinjewadi, Pune? You can find all types of single and sharing basis Paying Guest Accommodation Pune. Bluemont Stay PG offers PG in Hinjewadi at cheaper prices than many. PG offers different charges for single and shared accommodations. Single occupants are always charged more. So, you can consider a PG in Hinjewadi which provides accommodation on a sharing basis. It will reduce your budget for accommodation in a city like Pune.


PGs providing different amenities like geysers, RO -UV Treated Water, Separate Wardrobes, Cupboards, and Lockers, LED TV and Wi-Fi charge prices for such amenities. Many PGs charge 100-200 Rupees for WiFi and separate electricity bills for AC or coolers. So, you can decide your requirements according to your budget.


PG in different areas charges differently. You can find a PG in INR 4000-12000 depending on the area. Most of the posh areas charge very high in comparison to residential areas. You can consider PG in residential areas even if it is a little far from your office. It will cost less.


The charge of PG can also vary according to food availability. If you can cook on your own or don’t like PG food, you can consider taking a PG in Pune which offers Kitchen and self-cooking facilities. If you can rely on PG food then you should consider a Bluemont Stay Hinjewadi, Pune. which offers food and lodging together.


The cost of PG also varies with its infrastructural facilities like gym, parking space, number of the bath, dining rooms and living room with Sofa Set. You can choose PGs which offer a less or high number of facilities according to your budget.

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