If you�’ve traveled somewhere to surf then you should stay as close to the beach as possible, not a 30-minute bus away. Your work-life balance is important so try and stay as close as possible to what interests you in a destination. Having to work while we travel means that we can�t waste time commuting to do the things we enjoy. As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing a Paying Guest. Most importantly the place should look comfortable and the internet connection should be strong, but other factors matter.


One of the most attractive things about staying in a Paying Guest � apart from the price � is the fact that they are quite often at the heart of where you want or need to be. There is no point in budgeting well for your accommodation if you have to spend a small fortune on transport costs. The best thing to do is have a location that you want to stay in before you arrive and then look at the range of accommodation in that area, rather than the other way around. It is also a good idea to see what amenities are close to the Paying Guest you are looking at, ask yourself if it is within walking distance. shop for example. These are�t essential, of course, but they can make life much simpler for you.�


Probably one of the most important things to consider is if the Paying Guest has a good security or not. The exact details can vary wildly as hostels can be uniquely different from place to place, but a good one should have at the very least a basic level of security. Check if they have good-sized lockers for your pack, a good secure luggage storage room, good locks on individual shower doors or manned front desks for example. All good Paying Guests have a good level of security as standard, and if the Paying Guest you are looking at does�t? Then move on. There will be a dozen more hostels within walking distance that do.


I have to admit this has become more of a consideration as I have aged and made more of a transition to occasional flashpacker, and your own tolerance levels of what you find acceptable will be unique to you alone, but I have seen hostels out there that I would not let an animal stay in, never mind myself. It just isn’t�t worth it if it looks as if you will catch something just by looking at the shower! Thankfully a great many Paying Guest have really upped their game in recent years and there are some now that are better and cheaper options than a lot of budgets paying Guest, and they are usually no more expensive than the dingy, unclean options! When you are looking around, just peek into the showers and communal kitchen if they have one and see if the standards of cleanliness are acceptable.


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